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There are some tools out there for managing SQL Server backups, but most of them are paid alternatives. Even though these tools offer many features, sometimes we just need to have a look at all the backups that have been taken on one or more instances, and that’s the reason why I created Backup Explorer. This tool queries and consolidates the backup history of one or more servers and allows results to be exported to Excel.

I’m now sharing it for free, so anyone can download it and use it at no cost.

If you wish to see some feature added to it, feel free to drop a line and I’ll do my best to take it into account 🙂

Where to download it?

You can get it HERE (ZIP file)

How to install it?

No installation required. Just download and unzip wherever you want.

How to set it up

Simply edit the Connections.xml file and add as many connection strings as you want. You can visit if you need help building your connections.
You can add as many connection strings as you want, but please keep in mind that content in Config file is not encrypted, so be careful if you are planning to use a native SQL Server login. I recommend using Integrated Security instead.

How to run it?

Just run the EXE file, and the application will launch
EXE File
Just double click the EXE file to launch the application


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  1. Pablo

    Configure la conexion a un SQL2017 local y no hace nada al presionar Fetch

    1. Daniel Suarez

      Hola Pablo. En primer lugar, te comento que está validado con SQL2017, por lo cual lo vamos a hacer funcionar. En segundo lugar, te consulto: ¿Te presenta algún error o simplemente no hace nada? ¿Me podés pegar la configuración que dejaste en connections.xml (removiendo información privada), por favor? Gracias

    2. Daniel Suarez

      Otra pregunta que puede parecer tonta, pero es importante: ¿Has realizado backups en esa instancia local? La aplicación enumera todos los backups que están en la historia de backups de la instancia. Si no hay backups hechos, no habría nada para mostrar, y por ende te daría la sensación de que no hace nada. ¿Me explico?

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