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Platform recommendations

I will help you on designing, sizing and implementing your SQL Server platform. This involves choosing the right licensing option, thinking about security, scalability and obviously performance.

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Remote DBA Services

I will take care of your SQL Server platform by carrying out all DBA-related tasks remotely. All requests are organized and prioritized on a ticketing system so you can track progress and time consumption.

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high Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)

I will help on designing the best approach for High availability and Disaster Recovery for your business. Choosing the right approach among different alternatives: Clusters, Always On Availability Groups, Log Shipping, Mirroring or Replication. This might also require designing geographically dispersed solutions such as different branches Data Centers or Azure.

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SQL Server Upgrades

I will design, document and execute the best plan to upgrade your existing SQL Server platform by taking care of all needed aspects, so you get the improvements you are certainly expecting instead of performance downgrades.

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migration to Azure Cloud

Is Azure the right option for your business? I will assess your scenario and I will guide you on choosing the right option (Infrastructure as a Service, SQL Azure, Managed Instance) by talking all aspects into account: performance, availability and obviously your budget.

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security Assessment

I will assess your SQL Server platform to find security issues that might affect your business. I will tell you what is wrong, what is the impact and how it should be corrected to ensure that data -your most valuable asset- is covered.

Delivery mode:

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Both remote and On-site

I provide most of these services both remotely and on-site, depending on your needs. On the remote approach, I use Zoom to offer high quality video and audio, Sharing or even to take control of your servers if needed.

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