Training and Coaching

I offer training and coaching services for different profiles. Topics and how deep are they covered, can be customized. In addition, the audience can be split into different groups, so every team receives the most suitable tailored training. You can also choose the schedule and language (English/Spanish).

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For DBA's

If you have Junior DBA's or DBA's transitioning from other DBMS to SQL Server, I will provide a customized training, so they will be capable of carrying out all needed administrative tasks. I will be with you to guide through the whole process, since there's nothing better than hands-on experience.

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For Developers

If you have a development team you would like to train, I will you help on this matter. By the end of the tailored training program, you team members will be able to create better queries that will perform as expected. Having a strong development background makes it easy for me to establish bonding and understand the typical issues that must be addressed.

Delivery mode:

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Both remote and On-site

These services are offered both remotely and on-site, depending on your needs. On the remote approach, I usually use Zoom, but I can adapt to any tool you might feel comfortable. All sessions recordings, queries and presentations will be provided.

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